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“I have no special talent.
I am only passionately curious.”

Albert Einstein

About trends

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I am surrounded by a bunch of 9-10 years old girls on the train unintentionally overhearing their conversations about this year Christmas wish list. Most of their list started with a phone and the only girls who didn’t want a phone already inherited one from their brothers or sisters, Mums or Dads so they didn’t need another one. Not just yet. Maybe next year. One girl proudly announced that she already has one number in her contact.

I quietly smiled but they also made me wonder how many of us are following trends just because everybody else is doing it and its like a huge wave that we can’t swim against. Like it or not, you get touched by it and £10 or £1000 later you are a proud owner of a product  that follows the latest trend.

Do you need reassurrance?

Trends are maybe inevitable because most people wants some kind of a guidance, directions and reassurance that what they buy, wear or dress up their home are actually cool. Not quite sure what the psychology behind. 



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However, I do know the feeling of finding something unique that has been created with months of thinking, weeks of creating or hours of workmanship, passion and care. That’s to me is like finding treasure. When I see a hand-made quality candle, a handbag, a print, a notebook or a healthy snack what ever it be, it gives me something extra that a soulless shopping centre with its chain shops and possible robots made products will never be capable of. The human behind with her or his individuality will always be special. His/her touch, care and passion, thoughts or even life philosophy. So when ever I can, at local markets or online I support  from those craftsman so they can carry on giving. 

I do hope that my organic skincare range will also give you that buzz and excitement when you apply a hand-made serum in your skin which was created with precision and care.

Years of development

It took me three years to develop my skincare line. Testing, adjusting, re-testing and thinking about every single piece of the puzzle that by 2019 become Go Natural Organic Skincare.

I hope that you will see a wonderfully crafted result which will make a difference in your life just as it made mine better.

Warm wishes,


Founder, Go Natural Organic Skincare