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“I have no special talent.
I am only passionately curious.”

Albert Einstein

Cleanse, nourish and protect

What do I need? There are too many products to choose from

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If you ever watched kids in toy shops you might have noticed that they run up and down the aisles, hopping from one shelf to another waving a toy in one hand shouting words like: “This is what I always wanted” than the next second dropping it and picking up something else colourful saying the exact same words like a minute before. 

It’s quite obvious that the more you have to choose from the harder is the decision. I think us adults aren’t exceptions. I heard too many lovely ladies complaining about the overwhelming variety of skincare products which makes it too difficult to choose what you really need.



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The truth is 2 or maximum 4 well-formulated product is everything you need.

Starting with cleansing which is a must, no matter how much most of us wants to skip this step.

Before bedtime, clean your skin with the Waterproof Make-Up Remover, Cleanser Oil using the Reusable Facial Wipes. The combination of oil and wipe helps circulation as well as gently removes dead skin cells so the skin can more easily absorb the nurturing ingredients.  

One of my top priority is to be environmentally friendly, that’s why I’ve chosen unbleached organic  bamboo for my wipes. They are not only “green’ but hypoallergenic, anti-antibacterial and odour resistant. The wipes come in a package of 7 so you can have each day of the week before you have to wash them.


Hope you will enjoy the combo!

Best wishes,

Anita T. Tóth
Founder of Go Natural Organic Skincare