"Be kind to yourself
There is only one you"

Anita T. Tóth

Organic Skincare Formulator
Founder, Go Natural Organic Skincare
Entrepeneur of the Year, Wandsworth Business Awards 2019

My Motto

When we learn to love and respect ourselves only then we will be able to respect and care for others.

When we understand that we are all the same yet accept that we are also different then we will be able to build a happier world.

We all know how great it is to be happy and to make others happy. Let’s do that a bit more often by passing on your greatness, touching others with generosity, a smile, or a joke, showing that you care and love.

My mission

To help women to understand that organic skincare is the safest way of maintaining beautiful skin without harming our health. To prove that organic skincare is a very powerful tool which is capable of improving the physical appearance. To be respectful towards the planet by being sustainable and trade in a fair and honest manner.

I believe

Life on Earth should be harmless and respectful towards the planet as well as to us humans.

Organic living should be the only way but until that becomes a reality again we can still take little steps towards a safer and more natural way of life.