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Albert Einstein

Shall we look for 100% organic products?

The higher percentage of organic ingredients, the purer the product.

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If you are a fan of organic products you might think the best and safest option would be to find a brand that is 100% organic. 

And you’d be right to think that the higher percentage of ingredients are  organic, the most guaranteed the purity. 

In my opinion, it’s unnecessary to hunt for 100% organic brands because some very useful ingredients just don’t come in organic form. 

Natural ingredients

For instance, Vitamin E natural oil doesn’t exist in organic form but it is essential to your skin so it’s worth a compromise. You will find this powerful ingredient in every product of mine because I believe it does wonders to our skin. 

I also use Lavender essential oil from the high altitude of the French Alps, which isn’t organically certified but actually can be purer than some organic lavender oils. The flowers of lavender are harvested at over 1400 metres  and as a result  the plant produces more esters (the organic compound). At such high altitude and low air pressure the distillation is done at lower temperatures so more of the very volatile chemicals come through  from the plant  to the essential oil. 



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How many percentages organic in my products?

You will find listed all the percentages of organic ingredients in my products,  which are at least 95% except the Rejuvenating Night Serum for Autumn and Winter with 92% organic ingredients as I really wanted to nourish your skin with a very high percentage of natural Vitamin E oil.

Hope you will enjoy the products and the results!

Best wishes,

Anita T. Tóth