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“I have no special talent.
I am only passionately curious.”

Albert Einstein

Shoppers power

How customers can change the whole world?

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What is the “Best value” for you?

We make quite a lot of decisions on an everyday basis about boring stuff like, who we bank with, which broadband company we signed up with for the next 12 months etc. but before we make these decisions, should we only think about who offers the best value for us, – which apparently is the No.1 customer requirements -, or should we go a little bit further? 

According to most surveys, we want value for our money. 

But do other things should matter when we give our money away like, does that company has a good reputation for treating their staff fair? Hmmm. Because now we suddenly care about others. And who knows, it could be your mates who work for that company and being treated unfairly. 

Or does that company looks after the environment, making their product recyclable, non-toxic or they actually poisoning our rivers and pollute the air, the air that you breathe in and then develop asthma for a lifetime. 

You might ask how would I know the answers for all these concerns?

Well, the market for online shopping is growing at such remarkable rate that approximately 87% of U.K. consumers have bought at least one product online in the last 12 months. When we shop online there is a much broader information available to us about the company itself. We can find out much easier about their values, their philosophy and beliefs than if we just walked into their shop. If a company is really care about such things they will mention it with pride. They will talk about it.



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Our conciousnes of treating others and the planet well is growing faster than ever.

Consumers are now clearly seeing the repercussions of overconsumption and our wasteful attitudes and more and more of them are shunning items that are causing damage to the environment.

I think it’s important not to define sustainability as a trend, and define it as a critical issue that we need to address as a society to protect the planet.

We have to look further than our own needs and if products not produced in an environmentally-friendly way than we should ditch them. It is easier to said than done but trust me, companies are being pushed by customers demands which is slowly changing the whole world.