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“I have no special talent.
I am only passionately curious.”

Albert Einstein

What causes the skin to age? Part I

Genes, weather or pollution? 

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It is common knowledge that all of our skin ages throughout our lives. But most people believe that ageing is mainly genetic and biological in nature, coming from inside of us. Well, you might be surprised but more and more studies are suggesting that skin ageing is only 3% – 5% genetic. That leaves over 95% to environmental factors. 

If you think about this, this actually great news. Simply because it means we can do something about our ageing process. We aren’t purely in the hands of a natural process which can’t be delayed or slowed down. Of course we are all going to age. Of course there aren’t miraculous youth elixirs BUT

You DO have a choice

You can look like beautiful young looking 40-50 years old woman but you can also be a very old looking 30 year old. 

The choice is in your hands. The more you know about what is causing skin ageing the more you can do about it.  



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There are two different types of ageing 

Natural ageing which comes from inside of us and environmental ageing which is caused by external factors. Let’s look at this second type of ageing process because there are plenty of little tricks we can do about it. 

Read further more on the six environmental factors that causes premature ageing. 

Be kind to yourself. There is only one you. 

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Founder of Go Natural Organic Skincare