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You don’t only buy a product

but also plant a tree

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If you’ve been watching my videos or reading about my company then you know how much being a sustainable brand means to me. Making a high quality pure and natural skincare that improves the appearances of many isn’t the only aim I have. Even if it’s all of our duty to keep our planet healthy some has more chances than others to live a green life. I’ve been living an organic life for the last 20 years however, it never seems enough what I can pay back for all the greatness earth has given me.

Global warming

Most scientists agree  that our human activities not only caused global warming but the effects close to being irreversible. While the clock is ticking we can’t wait for others  solving the problem but we all have to do something even if it seems too small to solve such a huge problem. 



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So on the top of using 100% recyclable materials for my skincare line, working towards being completely plastic-free I also signed up with an amazing charity called One Tree Planted. Every time you purchase a product, I give a percentage from the profit I make to this charity who will then plant a tree. Isn’t it amazing to know  that you and I will plant forests?

Best wishes,

Anita T. Tóth
Founder of Go Natural Organic Skincare